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While we have many, many testimonials in the form of letters at our offices in Ventura, we now receive a number of e-mails and reviews on other's websites too.  Here are a few of the many of those:


An e-mail


From: Emily Thompson

To: Daniella Galvan, Hilford Moving and Storage

Date: Monday, Aug 8, 2011 5:54 pm






Thank you much for the great muscle help with our event in Malibu last Thursday!



The first crew were right on time even with all the time changes I made and the second crew who came after hours were also SUCH A HUGE HELP!



Thank you so very much Hilford for your logistics and help in coordinating this event with me.

The Lacy Maxwell Production Team!
Emily Thompson




A letter received from James M. Newton,



May 4, 2011



Attention: Sally Crain



Subject: Your Work Order #71610



Dear Sally:



This letter is to commend you and your organization for the fine job associated with the subject work order. The scope of work was to load a spinet piano in Oxnard and deliver it to Santa Barbara.



I received a cordial greeting from your office manager when I visited the office to authorize the work. The terms and conditions were clearly explained to me and the work order was written that day. The next day, a Saturday, Jaime and Frank showed up at the pick-up site in Oxnard, on time, and with the necessary equipment – furniture dollies, blankets, etc. The piano was loaded efficiently and safely, and the truck headed out for Santa Barbara.


About an hour later, the truck arrived at the delivery site where the men proceeded to unload and move the piano into the house. Another piano, already in the house was removed and loaded into the truck for delivery to a local salvage yard.



All in all, this was a very satisfactory experience. Expressed in the "modern" terms, the job exceeded my expectations.



Please convey my appreciation to your people for a good job, well done.






<signed> Jim Newton



From a yp.com review - gyfytak, March 31, 2011 - 5 stars


I used Hilford Moving & Storage for my own personnel move and hired you guys again to move my daughter. I extremely under estimated how much stuff my daughter and her husband had. The movers worked a long and hard day. They were very professional and did a wonderful job. My daughter was unable to be there as she was in labor. Just wanted to let you know all is fine with the baby (after 48 hours in labor) and that I will continue to use you and refer your company to anyone I know moving!


Another 5 star review from Sue, guest36957, Aug 28, 2010


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From: Heather Pruss

To: Doug Hamlet, Hilford Moving and Storage


Date: Friday, July 23, 2010 3:13 pm



Hi Doug,



I just wanted to say thank you for all the help today. The two men you sent us did a fantastic job and were more than accommodating. If we can get these same two men back August 7th to move the offices that would be great.



Thank you again and have a nice weekend.



Heather Pruss

Office Manager

C&L Aerospace





From: Mendy McQuillen

To: Doug Hamlet, Hilford Moving and Storage

Re: Friday Move

Date: Friday, July 9, 2010 10:20 am



Good Afternoon Doug! I just wanted to say Thank you so much for your services this morning! The move went smooth and so quickly! We really appreciate your company’s honesty and hard work. The last company we used turned a 2 hour job into a 6 hour job and when all was said and done they over charged us $900. So it’s really nice to see that we can count on your company to do the job as it was quoted to us. We move things frequently and actually have a pretty big move coming up in the next 3 months so I will be sure to contact you again for your services. Once again Thanks for the outstanding job your boys were very professional and a pleasure to work with. Have a Safe weekend. Talk to you soon.



Mendy M. McQuillen

Administrative Executive Assistant


Cars 4 Causes

4864 Market St. Suite D

Ventura, CA 93003


From:   Leanne McKinley      

To:       Pete Cresto, Hilford Moving and Storage

Re:       Butala Move

Date:   Sunday, Aug 16, 2009


Hi Pete,


We’re back home in Texas now…. I told Aunt Betty how well everything went. She is excited to get her things and have her own belongings with her. She really is doing well now, it’s a much better situation for her….and the emotional trauma of moving at 92 years has subsided. She can still get riled-up, but for the most part she is calm and content.


I just want to thank you for your kindness and for caring about her.  I appreciated your mentioning to me that you noticed a difference in her when we met in May.  It seems that in business so often we forget to the personal care of clients and it was refreshing to see that you were interested in Aunt Betty’s well being.


Incidentally, Jaime and Kevin were personable and professional…and it looked like they were doing a great job packing.  The truck should be here in a week or so.


Thanks again,





From:   Jon Wallace

To:       Pete Cresto, Hilford Moving and Storage

Re:       Our shipment arrived..

Date:   Tue, 2 Oct 2007 6:05 pm


Hi Pete,


I wanted to let you know that our shipment arrived in great condition.  We were very pleased with how the whole move went.  We were especially happy with Marc (the driver) and Wilson who packed on the Oxnard end and delivered to us in Moab.  They did an exceptional job and were a pleasure to deal with.  This was our best experience by far moving….EVER!


We will definitely think of Hilford and Allied if we move again.


Could you please send us the name of the local agent here in Utah for Allied?  The driver told us that we can arrange a one time pickup of packing material with the local agent and we would like to do that.


Regards, Jon



From:   Chip Hull       

To:       Pete Cresto, Hilford Moving and Storage

Re:       Huil Storage & Move

Date:   Monday, May 3, 2010 2:33 pm




Steve and Jay were at our home this morning to pick up the items for storage.

They arrived on time and were very professional, polite and courteous.  They explained the steps being taken to insure furniture was properly stored and the loading when very well.  We appreciated the care taken to move our possessions.


It is a pleasure to work with a company and people as helpful and respectful as you, Steve and Jay are.  Thanks for taking care of the first part of the move to storage.  We look forward to future business.




Chip Hull



To Hilford Moving Company,


            Last week we completed the successful move of my 84 year old father-in-law from Woodland Hills, California to Medford, Oregon.  It was a stressful move for him and difficult for us as he was clearly “a saver”.  We had called many movers and finally connected with Pete Cresto at Hilford.  He was very pleasant and understanding of the difficulties involved with moving a senior from a 28 year residence.  He made an estimate and was kind enough to tolerate my father-in-law’s concerns.  He was always available for questions and promptly returned our calls.  The movers packed everything well and delivered it all in good condition, they were efficient and kind as well as helpful.  This is the way moving should be.  Our family would recommend Hilford movers for anyone in the LA area and would be happy to speak to anyone about the experience.


Thank you again for making a difficult experience easier.

                                                The Aron Family

                                                541 846-0380




From:   Russ Emory    

To:       Pete Cresto, Hilford Moving and Storage

Re:       Information

Date:   Monday, Feb 2, 2009 10:54 am




Great to talk to you again.  I have been dealing with my aunts business since we have moved to Bolivar, Mo.


I understand that you gave two quotes on the move, Everything or selected items.  If I could get the quotes and what the selected items are I would appreciate.


Thanks again for all you have done for us the move was very professional am looking forward to working with you again.




Russ Emory





From:   Russ Emory    

To:       Pete Cresto, Hilford Moving and Storage

Re:       Information

Date:   Tuesday, Feb 24, 2009 10:49 am




The furniture arrived yesterday morning.  Alvin called ahead and I was there to meet him.  All went well and Alvin was great along with the other person whatever his name.


Once again Pete and Hilford Moving did a great job  if you ever need recommendations let me know.




Russ Emory