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Move My Office, Please

You're thinking "I need to move my office" and you're thinking of what a nightmare it's going to be.

Maybe you're downsizing due the the economy, or maybe on the plus size, business is going well so you need a commercial relocation due to your business getting bigger.

Move my office Ventura

Business movers can make the job much easier

So you start wondering how to move the computers, the copiers, large furniture pieces, desks, files, cabinents, bookshelves, etc. and do it with minimal disruption of your day-to-day business.

"Arrrgh!, can't someone just move my office for me? Sure having my employees doing all the work might save me money in the short run, but what about professional movers, wouldn't they be better?"

You probably sell your clients all day on the fact that doing business with you is better because you're an expert at what you do, you've done it for years and can do it faster, safer, more dependably, and in many cases cheaper in the long run.

So let us, Hilford Moving & Storage, move your office for you. We'll even help you with checklists and timelines based on our 83 years of experience of business moving and when moving day arrives you can sit back and relax knowing that your office equipment and office furniture is being packed and insured against breaking, so that you'll be back up running the day you need to be.

Move My Office with Hilford Moving & Storage

Relaxing knowing Hilford & Storage can move my office


If you're a doctor's office we have a checklist of the things you need to help you "move my office, doctor's office".

Here's a general guidline checklist for moving your furniture:

Preparing for Moving Furniture and Equipment

􀀹 Arrange for Hilford Moving & Storage to be notified with enough advance notice.

􀀹 Contact telephone company about installing new lines for phone, fax, Internet, etc. Arrange for this to be done well in advance of move or you may be in new office with no phone access.

􀀹 Arrange with computer consultant to set up equipment/network at new location. Don’t plan computer upgrades to take place at time of move or you may find yourself without the use of your computers.

􀀹 Arrange with copier company to have the copier set up at the new location.

􀀹 Decide on layout of furniture and equipment in new office. Measure spaces to insure current furniture and equipment will fit. Be sure there is adequate space around equipment for repair people to make repairs.