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International Moving

with Hilford Moving and Storage

Allied International is the world’s largest international moving network of  professional movers
Hilford Moving and Storage is part of the Allied International network as one of their authorized agents

International Moving areas for Hilford

 Allied w orks with customers to remove the cultural barriers of an international relocation
Manages Allied network overseas and maintains long-standing reciprocal relationships with trusted representatives around the world
Single source contact and control throughout the system
Stringent quality and performance standards are maintained from pickup to delivery 
For moves that are international, transferees are not allowed to pack their own shipments
Here's the process:
An Allied agent packs and loads the shipment and takes it to a warehouse
Freight company picks up the shipment and takes it to the port to be loaded on a ship or plane (2-3 days)
Ship or plane is unloaded at destination and taken through customs, where random checks are performed (2-3 days)
Freight company takes shipment to the destination Allied agent
Destination agent calls the transferee when shipment is received
Prague Service Center opened in Prague, Czech Republic in September of 2005
Ability to service our European moving clients from Europe in a timely manner
Accessible within +/- 1 hour of clients’ time zones
Multi-lingual capabilities
20+ move managers
Services major clients such as Novartis and Deutsche Bank