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Doctor Office Move Checklist

If you are a Doctor in Ventura County desiring a doctor office move checklist, we have one already for you, if you just want to see the benefits to move my office, click here.

As you probably have discovered there's a lot to deal with.

Here at Hilford Moving and Storage we know from experience from doing many doctor's office moves what it takes, so we're offering this handy check list in PDF format.  Although lengthy and thorough, it can't cover 100% of your individual case and may have items that don't apply to you, but it's fairly representative of most doctor office moves.

Just right click on the link below and SaveAs to your documents folder or desktop and print it our Doctor Office Move Checklist Assign who's responsible and by when so that nothing gets dropped.





Thanks to DON SELF & ASSOCIATES, INC. http://www.donself.com with the original version before we modified it more to the Ventura County doctor's needs.